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Once again, 99% of all steering column repairs can be made with the steering column in the car.

If you’re trying to adjust the neutral safety switch but the holes are stripped then you can try to use a bigger screw. Do not use a longer screw because it will dig into the shift tube!!!


If that does not work then you will have to repair the holes and that might mean you will have to pull the column. Try tapping, not beating, the hole with a ball peen hammer.


You will not be able to adjust the N/S switch if the shift lever is worn or if the lower steering column bushing is bad.

Pulling upon the shift arm to start the car is not the correct procedure. It is a common problem but it means that something is wrong.


Adjusting the slide mechanism is not hard but it’s hard to explain. If you take a good look at it from under the dash it should be self explanatory. It's not hard. Don't forget to grease it. You should adjust it to just slightly lock when slid over into the drive position. That way you only have to touch the shift arm to move it over.


Danger: never, never, never, never, never, ever get out of the car while it's running. But if you must, slide the steering wheel over to the right and apply the emergency brake.


A lot of 65-66 T-birds have the problem of the turn signal not returning after a right turn. Also there is a lot of vertical play in the steering wheel. This is almost always the upper steering shaft bearing sleeve.