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The best glue to use for adhering rubber is "Super Weather Strip Adhesive #08000 Black." If you follow the instructions then it will work perfectly.

It is always a good idea to fit all rubber, when possible, before gluing.

For example, make sure you have enough trunk seal before gluing. Bad idea for you to glue it and come up short.

Roof rail rubbers can be a problem, especially on the 64-66 models. Fit them first. Make sure they fit and then glue them.

The biggest complaint is that they are too long. Most people have a tendency to stretch rubber while installing it making it longer when you come to the end.

Fit the roof rail rubbers in place first then pull a little section out glue it and then push it back in place, then move on to the next small section.

Start the trunk rubber at the back of the trunk next to the latch assembly, then work your way around. Clean out the trunk seal channel really good.

Sometimes rubber does not want to stay where you put it so you might have to tape it in place until the glue dries.