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Check and make sure your throttle support plate, part number 9A853-A or -B, is still on the car, especially if you just had the engine or the transmission rebuilt. If the car is missing the throttle support plate the gas pedal will feel spongy, there will be very little pedal travel, the car won't go very fast and you won't have any kick down. A high percentage of the T-birds are missing this plate.

Most cars that are missing the throttle support plate have modified and butchered throttle rods. If your mechanic has to modify, cut or bend any throttle rod then you should know that something is dead wrong. There is no reason why so never to do any modification, ever!!! The one and only exception to this are cars equipped with the holly replacement carburetor. Some holly carburetors have a different attachment for the throttle rod and there may have been a necessary modification to adapt the throttle rod to the carburetor. The car still needs the throttle support plate though.

The throttle return spring attaches to a spring plate that is bolted to the last intake manifold bolt on the back of the motor on the driver’s side. The top of the spring attaches to the kick down adjusting rod attaching bolt. Installed correctly, the spring will sit vertically almost straight up and down. The kick down spring attaches to the throttle bell crank and to a spring plate attached under the left rear carburetor retaining nut. This is the factory hook-up for these two springs. They are almost always hooked up wrong so check out your setup.